Test Points

Perhaps the number one reason for DPCB is testing and idea or evaluating components. We do not do DPCB for volume manufacturing. Because DPCB boards are for study, testing, evaluation, and investigations, I believe that a healthy dose of test points is part of the culture.

Until you are comfortable with most other aspects of DPCB, I recommend using through-hole test points. Once pressed into the board and hand soldered, they will be very reliable and tough.

A vertical through-hole test point from Keystone.
Image hosted at www.Digi-key.com

Through-hole test points do require that you drill a hole and manually solder in each one. I believe the ‘extra work’ is worth it.

If your DPCB machine also does the hole drilling for you, it really is not any extra work to sprinkle your project with excess test points. You do not need to insert and solder them all right away; but if your circuit is not performing as expected, it will only take a few seconds to install and solder the test points.

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