Product / Service Categories

Electronics Design

  • More than 40 years of experience in RF and small signal analog design.
  • Pre-testing for FCC compliance
    • pre-test your product or prototype before sending it to an accredited facility
  • Documentation
  • B.o.M.
  • Testing

Product / Service Categories


  • Wide selection of high-performance electronics testing instrumentation
  • Circuit problems?  Root cause analysis and design for remediation
  • Prototyping

Analog / Digital Design Integration

  • Network of software, embedded, and system engineers to bring your concept to life

End-of-Life / Sustaining Engineering

  • Component supply problems?  We search for suitable substitutions and verify performance.
  • Redesign as necessary when no replacement choice is available.


  • 10 years experience designing backscatter absorption gas imaging systems
  • Co-inventor and designer of photo-acoustic leak location system
  • Electronic Article Surveilance system design and application (RF and acousto-magnetic)
  • Design non-destructive infrastructure inspection devices
  • M.S. Manufacturing Systems - quality assurance, quality control, statistical process control, research methods, CNC & Robotics theory and applications.  M.S. Thesis:  Water Content Measurement by Reflected Power Method
  • And now .....   desktop circuit board production

Electronic Analysis Instruments

  • Measurement Antenna
    • Electrometrics BIA30C biconical 20 MHz to 200 MHz
    • Electrometrics ALR25M magnetic loop 10 kHz to 30 MHz
    • Electrometrics LPA25 log-periodic 200 MHz to 1,000 MHz
  • Current Measurement
    • HP 425a 0.2 pA to 1 uA DC inline
    • HP 428b clamp-on DC microammeter 0.1mA to 10A
    • HP 400H AC meter 600 ohm 20uV - 300 V 20Hz to 2,000 kHz
  • RF Measurement
    • HP461a 20/40 dB RF amp
    • HP 493a 4 GHz to 8 GHz twt amplifier
  • Signal Generation
    • Elecraft 1.0 uV / 50uV S-meter calibrator
    • Elecraft two-tone generator for IMD measurements
    • General Radio 1340 pulse generator 25 nanosecond - 2.5 second
    • Krohn-Hite 0.2Hz to 3,000 kHz sweep generator
  • Network Analysis
    • HP 8754a Vector Network Analyzer 4 MHz - 1,300 MHz
    • HP 8748a S parameter test set with wide selection of reference plane extensions
    • HP 8750a storage normalizer
  • Component Analysis
    • Boonton 75D Direct Capacitance Bridge - measure capacitance, loss tangent, Q from 0.001 pF to 1,000 pF with / without DC bias up to 400 V

Product / Service Categories

Dispense Solder Paste

You supply the gerbers and tell us which solder paste to use (lead free or tin-lead) and the machine dispenses solder paste exactly and only where needed.  No stencils required or used.

Product / Service Categories

Place Components and Re-flow

Once paste is dispensed and inspected, we hand place your components.  Another inspection, and then click the 'reflow' button.

Reduced handling of the PCB means reduced failures.  Your PCB is clamped down to the build plate before dispensing the paste.  The PCB remains clamped down during component placement and reflow.  No chance of tripping and dropping the assembly on the way to the re-flow oven.

After reflow, another inspection is performed, and then it is ready for through-hole components.

We can install and solder your through-hole components, or we can ship the boards to you to complete that process.

Product / Service Categories

Desktop PRINTING your prototype PCB

When you only need one or two boards for your testing, we can print your board with conductive ink.  And drill the vias and through-holes.

We do not plate the through holes.  Usually copper rivets are used to connect the top and bottom layers of the board.  Small rivets are used for vias, and larger rivets help secure through-hole components.

Read our blog for lessons in rivets, soldering, and conductive ink.

Product / Service Categories

Drilling your prototype PCB

Along with printing the conductive traces and SMD pads, vias and through-holes are CNC drilled before printing the conductive ink.  This facilitates alignment when flipping the substrate to print the other side.

Product / Service Categories

Large Format Plotting / Printing

We have a Hewlett Packard Designjet 500 42 inch wide printer / plotter here in Clearwater.

We do not strive to produce art gallery quality prints, we print schematics, mechanical drawings, etc.

  • Schematics etc (line drawings)    $3.00 per linear foot
  • Full color images, plain paper     $4.48 per linear foot
  • Images on glossy photo paper    $10.25 per linear foot

We do not ship large plots/prints.  If you are not in our area, try Kinkos or Office Depot for your plots.