Reverse Polarity Protection

Being a test-bed for a new design concept, component evaluation, or simulation verification, our DPCB assembly is likely to see a lot of bench-time.

If you have been designing and building your own electronic circuits for any length of time, I think it is likely that when you about to have your “aha” moment, and just need to do one more test, that’s when you’ll hook up the bench supply backward and ruin all your work.

Two-pin power connector, self-resetting fuse, and a schottky diode for reverse polarity protection goes on nearly every DPCB I design.

I try to make it a self-imposed commandment that the first thing I add to a circuit that will be DPCB’d is to add a surface mount resettable fuse and a reverse-polarity protection diode. While I am that, I like to add a two pin Molex connector to save a bit of time while hooking the unit for for testing.

I like to use the self-resetting surface mount fuses for this type of project.

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