Quest for the 2 hour printed circuit board.

They have been called “printed circuit boards” (PCB) since the 1950s.  However, before 2019, you have probably never encountered a desktop printed circuit board.  I have never even seen one in a museum.

What we call PCB are not printed at all – they are produced by photography and chemicals.  A board completely covered in copper is treated with chemicals and exposed to a photograph.  The board is then treated with more chemicals and eventually, tossed into a liquid etchant.

The etchant ‘eats away’ the copper when it is un-needed, but leaves copper where needed; pads, traces, and vias.

This blog will cover our experiences and lessons learned during our quest to produce high quality DPCBs in under two hours.

PCBs vs. DPCBs

While we are not at the point today that we can produce an intricate board within two hours, that day is not too far away.  For the meantime, let’s consider TwoHourPCBs as a philosophy, not a promise.

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