Live DPCB Demonstration

Live demonstration in Clearwater, Florida August 8

I will drill, print, and solder using the Voltera V1 this Thursday, August 8. Demonstration will begin approximately 7:45 pm.

The event will be at the regular monthly meeting of the Clearwater Amateur Radio Society at 1716 Belcher Road North. (This is the Clearwater fire training facility with multiple buildings, click here for a diagram of parking and entrance to correct building for the meeting room.)

The club has its regular business meeting starting at 7:30pm. Of course they first go through treasurer report, secretary report, etc. So I expect we will get started around 7:45pm.

To save time you will not have to endure the ink-baking process (which would be quite boring to watch.) So we will do like the television cooking shows. We will get everything ready for the oven and magically pull out a completely baked board.

Solder paste dispensing and solder reflow will actually happen. That only takes a few minutes.