Burnishing Problems

Most of my DPCB (desktop printed circuit board) burnishing problems all have one cause: impatience. Some things just should not be rushed.

Here is a little test board. It is just 2 x 3 inches. I print these for practice and testing. (If you would like the gerber file, just comment below.)

Test pcb after baking. Note that the conductor looks dull and more white than ‘silvery.’

Now we burnish this board. This photograph illustrates what happened when I used 3M Scotchbrite Heavy Duty scouring pad, too much pressure, and too much time.

PCB with bad burnishing job. Compare to the image before burnishing. The conductor is shinier and has a ‘silvery’ color.

We can see that this bad burnishing removed bits of pads. There is a broken trace.

Producing good Desktop Printed Circuit Boards requires patience.

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