Live DPCB Demonstration October 4, 2019

Live demonstration in Saint Petersburg, Florida October 4, 2019

I will drill, print, and solder using the Voltera V-One  on Friday, October 4.  Demonstration will begin approximately 7:30 pm.

The event will be at the regular October monthly meeting of the St. Petersburg Amateur Radio Club.

The meeting location is Fifth Avenue Baptist Church at 4901 5th Ave. N. in St. Petersburg.  The club has a page for the meeting location.

To save time you will not have to endure the ink-baking process (which would be quite boring to watch.)  So we will do like the television cooking shows.  We will get everything ready for the oven and magically pull out a completely baked board.

You will get to see drilling, conductor printing, solder paste dispensing and solder reflow processes.

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