Rapid PCB Prototypes

Send your Gerber files.

We print, bake, ship.

Most of Florida is next day delivery by UPS Ground.  We charge a flat rate of $15 for that.

Maximum PCB size 4" x 5".

Check out our DPCB blog.

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Component Stuffing

We do not just print a pcb for you...  we can reflow and hand solder.

If your Gerber includes the solder paste file, we can place your components and reflow for you.

63/37 paste for HASL plated boards as well as the lead-free DPCBs we print here.

Because the CNC machine deposits paste only where needed, solder masks are not necessary with DPCBs.

Learn more about Desktop Printed Circuit Boards in our blog.

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PCB, RF, Analog, Design

Are you our customer?

  • Small Business or small volume manufacturing
  • prototyping / proof-of-principle
  • Hobbyist
  • Researcher
  • Experimenter
  • Ham / maker / diy

Send us a schematic and we can design the pcb for you.

If you would like to give PCB design a go yourself, there are free-to-use programs available that are easy to learn and produce ready-to-manufacture Gerber files.   Read our DPCB blog to learn more.

Our resources page covers our electronics assets.

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Since 1993

Desktop Printed Circuit Boards

To reduce confusion between conventional PCBs (which are not printed at all) and desktop printed circuit boards, we refer to the latter as DPCBs.

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Frustration Avoided !

It has happened to me too many times, and I think it probably has happened to you.  You need to test an idea a.s.a.p.  Many traditional board houses can do a quick turn.  But you pay the same for 8 pcbs as 1 -  and you only need 1.  And then learn the next-day shipping is more than $100 extra.  Saturday delivery? That could easily add another $150 to the cost of shipping.

This was not a problem as recently as 15 years ago.  We could simply use all through-hole parts and build up the circuit in a day or two.  But every day we find more parts just are no longer offered in through-hole packages.

So electronic engineers and technicians have been finding ways to prototype with surface mount devices.   But we find that the tolerances required mean we just can expose and etch a board in our kitchen.  There has to be a better way.

And now there is.

Rapid PCB printing is extremely similar to "3D Printing."  Although it requires about 10 times improvement in tolerances.


Next Steps...

If your Gerbers are ready, send us a link to your dropbox files, or email the files to us.

Give us a call for more information.

Check out our DPCB blog.